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9 Recurring Questions about Concealer Answered

If you’re not a professional makeup artist, using concealer might seem complicated.

Naturally, healthy-looking skin boosts self-confidence, but not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy flawless skin all the time. Tension and stress are a frequent companion of busy women, and unfortunately, it has a significant impact on your appearance.

Imagine what it would feel like waking up after a night of poor sleep – you get up, go to the bathroom and Continue reading “9 Recurring Questions about Concealer Answered”

Cruelty-free Cosmetics: What Does It Mean?

For most, the term cruelty-free seems pretty straightforward – it’s something without harm, and the word itself suggests the meaning. Without cruelty. Harmless.

But what about cruelty-free cosmetics? Can cosmetics even cause harm to anyone?

The realization that some of the cosmetics that I use daily could be harming animals didn’t come to me for a long time. After all, how could the hand cream that you use every night before bed be the reason for someone’s pain?

And yet it is not only possible but also Continue reading “Cruelty-free Cosmetics: What Does It Mean?”

3 Rules I Follow When Shaping My Eyebrows

Having well-shaped eyebrows can completely change the way you look. But to reap the benefits that it can bring, you need to find the shape that fits you perfectly.

Yet I wasn’t always interested in the way my eyebrows look. Until one incident got me thinking.

One of my best friends was taking makeup lessons, and she needed a model for an evening look. Of course, I agreed to help her – the class took place on a Friday evening, so who wouldn’t want to look good before going out?

Everything was going really smoothly until Continue reading “3 Rules I Follow When Shaping My Eyebrows”